Eighteen players started the day in an attempt to become the Top Gun Singles Champion of the 2009 TurkeyHole Classic in Louisville, KY. The Top Gun division of the Master Series Events always features some of the top ACO pros, as well as, some of the best non-ACO players around. This year featured 12 players that were currently ranked either a semi-pro or pro player by the ACO. This division was a two step process with all 18 players participating in round robin play. Of the 18 players, 16 would earn a spot in a single elimination best two out of three bracket to determine the Top Gun champion of 2009!
Once the round robin games were over and the dust had settled there were some surprises. Two players came out of the round robin without a blemish, Kyle "Young Gun" Treadway and Steve Hayes, both going 4-0 with some big wins over some of the top players in the nation. Several players went 3-1, Derek "The Next" King, Darrin Hill, Charlie True, Keith "The Heavy Hitter" Blair, Noel True, and Jason "The Rooster" Schwab.

The Bracket seeds shaped up like this:
#1 Seed: Kyle Treadway
#2 Seed: Steve Hayes
#3 Seed: Noel True
#4 Seed: Darrin Hill
#5 Seed: Charlie True
#6 Seed: Jason Schwab
#7 Seed: Keith Blair
#8 Seed: Derek King
#9 Seed: Dale Smith
#10 Seed: Danny Seals
#11 Seed: Bobby Brooks
#12 Seed: Joe Smith
#13 Seed: Doug Darnell
#14 Seed: Duke Bush
#15 Seed: Troy Taylor
#16 Seed: Jay Dotson

Just like in most tournaments the #8 seed and #9 seed games always are some of the best. This one featured Derek  King against the veteran Dale Smith. King had already defeated Smith in the round robin game, but this was crunch time and everyone expected Smith to step up his game. Smith did just that and defeated King in two straight games and more importantly found his stroke when it counted. Smith then moved on to take on the #1 seed Kyle Treadway where he quickly took care of business in two straight games, moving him into the final four. The #4 seed Darrin Hill defeated #13 seed Doug Darnell in two straight games and the #5 seed Charlie True was waiting for him after he defeated the #12 seed Joe Smith. Hill took care of business and defeated True in two straight games moving him to the final four. On the other side of the bracket the #2 seed Steve Hayes began his run by defeating #15 seed Troy Taylor in two straight games. #10 seed Danny Seals defeated the #7 seed Keith Blair in two straight games. Hayes and Seals had a war with Hayes coming out on top in 3 games moving him into the final four. #6 seed Jason Schwab took on #11 seed Bobby Brooks (glad to see ya back Bobby). Schwab did his thing and defeated Brooks in a tough match that went 3 games. Waiting for Schwab was the #3 seed Noel True who defeated the #14 seed Duke Bush in two straight games. Schwab defeated True in three games and advanced to the final four.
The FINAL FOUR matchups were:

#9 seed Dale "Thumbs Up" Smith vs. #4 seed Darrin Hill
#2 seed Steve Hayes vs. #6 seed Jason "The Rooster" Schwab

In the final four it was Dale Smith and Steve Hayes that came out victorious.

The CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH participants:

#9 seed Dale "Thumbs Up" Smith
#2 Steve "How Ya Like Me Now" Hayes

In the finals it was the always tough Dale Smith defeating Steve Hayes in two straight games to take home the title of the 2009 TurkeyHole TOP GUN Championship.

Notes of Interest; Steve Hayes was impressive throughout the day showing he can play with the big boys on any given Saturday. Charlie True improved his SCR score to 120.67 and Jason "The Rooster" Schwab improved his SCR to 115.33

As always ACO Louisville appreciates all of the players that came out and continue to strive to get better at this great sport of cornhole. Thanks for believing in this sport just as much as we do. --The Next Event - is the WinterBlast II on Saturday, January 9th, 2009 
November 28, 2009 -  Top Gun Singles
Dale Smith overcomes rocky start in round robin play to defeat Steve Hayes in the TOP GUN Singles Division

First Place & 16 CF Points
Dale Smith
Campbellsville, KY

Second Place & 14 CF Points
Steve Hayes
(non-CF member)
Leitchfield, KY

Third & Fourth Place & 10 CF Points
Darrin Hill

Jason Schwab
South Carolina

Fifth - Eighth Place & 6 CF Points
Kyle Treadway
Pleasureville, KY

Charlie True
Monterey, KY

Danny Seals

Noel True
Monterey, KY


First Place
Troy King
Louisville, KY

Second Place
Terry Mathis
Charlestown, IN

Third Place
Mark Rice
Buckhorn, KY


First Place
Keith Blair & Derek King

Second Place
Mark Rice & Mike Rice
Buckhorn, KY

Third Place
Duke Bush & Troy Taylor
Louisville, KY
Results from the
          TurkeyHole Classic           
on November 28th, 2009
The ACO Is The Governing Body For The Sport Of Cornhole
ACO Louisville would like to give an extra special thanks to:
Mike Payne- Loyal supporter of ACO Louisville
David Rogers- Great guy and all purpose cornhole man - WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO DO IT WITHOUT YOU!
Brad Carby - Your help was "HUGE"
Donnie and Brenda Stinnett - As I have said before the parents of all time!
Everyone that helped out on the Airmail Challenge - Robin Creager, John and Stacy Ritter, Tina, & Dustin Adkison
St. Stephen - A great place for cornhole!!!

And to all the players that continue to come out and play every weekend!!! You guys help keep the vision alive.
Pictures from the TurkeyHole Classic
on 11/28/2009
DALE "Thumbs Up" SMITH
November 28, 2009 -  Social Singles
Troy King defeats Terry Mathis in finals to take home his first ACO Louisville Singles Championship
A nice field of 34 players came in with the objective of winning the Social Singles Championship. This division was open to everyone except ACO Pros. All first round games were best two out of three, as well as, all winners bracket games were match play. Once in the losers bracket, players had one game to come out alive.
Terry Mathis defeated Mark Rice for his opportunity to play Troy "Superstar" King for the title of the Social Singles Champion. Troy went undefeated in the winners bracket but had some very tough games to get there. In the finals, King proved to be too much for Mathis. After a long tournament of action King was the champion. King continues to show great improvement and will be someone that will cause havoc for everyone in the future. Mathis is also someone that is impoving quickly and has put in lots of time practicing and it definitely shows. Coming in third place was the always tough out Mark Rice. Rice is a player that you expect to see standing when the field is narrowed down to just a few. Coming in fourth place from Leitchfield, KY was Ricky Dennis. Dennis has participated in some ACO Louisville tournaments before but this was hIs best performance yet.
Other players of note that won several games: Damon, Dennis, Ronald Ford, Andrew Hardebeck, Austin Dicken, Ron Wilson, Doug Keyhs, Jimmy McGuffin, Jamie Logsdon, and Gary Chesser
As always ACO Louisville appreciates all of the players that came out and continue to strive to get better at this great sport of cornhole. Thanks for believing in this sport just as much as we do. --The Next Event - is the WinterBlast II on Saturday, January 9th, 2009
TROY "Superstar" KING
November 28, 2009 -  Social Doubles
Derek King and Keith Blair defeat the "Rice Brothers" Mark and Mike in finals to win Social Doubles
Twenty-Five teams jumped in the bracket dreaming of bringing home the 2009 TurkeyHole Classic Social Doubles Championship. Several quality teams showed up but in the end it came down to four teams. Keith "Heavy Hitter" Blair & Derek "The Next" King, Mark "Don't Call Me Mike" Rice & Mike "Don't Call Me Mark" Rice, Duke Bush & Troy Taylor, and Doug Darnell & Ronald Ford.
The Losers Bracket final featured Taylor & Bush vs. Mark & Mike Rice. The Rice Brothers came out on top in a tough game to advance to the finals against the undefeated King & Blair duo.
The Finals started out with a best 2 out of 3 match where the Rice Brothers stunned the people still hanging around for this one. The finals came down to one game to 21 where King and Blair proved to be a little too much for the Rice Brothers. Overall, this was a great finals with some very good cornhole action.
Other teams of note that won several games: Doug Keyhs & Clinton Lucas, Tony Ostria & CL Thomas, Wade Begley & Marin Clark, Alvis Poff & Donnie Brauner, Mike Whitenack & Jimmy McGuffin, Chris Shotwell & Joe Smith
As always ACO Louisville appreciates all of the players that came out and continue to strive to get better at this great sport of cornhole. Thanks for believing in this sport just as much as we do. --The Next Event - is the WinterBlast II on Saturday, January 9th, 2009