Pond Maintenance

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A pond isn’t just another component that adds beauty to your abode, it’s a fluidic body where your living species flora and fauna flourish. There are many things which you can do to ensure best possible care and maintenance for your pond, no matter any season, climate or weather conditions. Few tips for maintaining your garden pond.

Maintenance of pond in summers

There are few tips that can assist you in making sure that the species inside the pond stays calm and foster in a clean water body, even in extreme summer months.

Eliminate waste/ excreta in the pond – It is ideal to eliminate decayed leaves and algae from the pond. As soon as you witness excess waste in the shape of leaves, dirt, algae, Opossum Poop has accumulated inside the pond, it should be removed immediately. In case of long filamentous algae, then rake it off from the pond’s bottom to boost the supply of oxygen within the pond.

Clean pond’s filte r- It’s advised to clean the filter of the pond from time-to-time to check there’s not any blockage. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the filters will ensure that there is no blockage and clogging

Feed high protein diet to fish: A excellent high protein diet enables better growth and development for acquatic species. Hence if you have fish inside your pond, it’s advised to nourish them with higher protein diet.

Another fact that a lot of individuals are unaware is that warm water stimulates the metabolism of fishes leading to increased digestion and increase in appetite. Also one shouldn’t feed fish in massive quantities in one go rather should feed them at regular intervals one to three times a day.

Proper Aeration systems : In order to enhance the supply of oxygen throughout the day, you need proper aeration systems in place. These pumps help aerate your pond well without leaving much scope for oxygen depletion.
Remember that when the weather is humid and hot, increase the water level inside the pond for a drop in water level can tremendously impact the oxygen level within the pond.

Be cautious when using chemicals: Compounds can be detrimental for the dwelling species hence one has to be careful while applying fertilizers, pesticides, Opossum Poop or other chemicals inside the pond. It’s far better to use herbicides to minimize the effect of chemicals on the plant and other species. Also it’s vital to understand and read the label carefully before applying as too much volume of herbicide may also become toxic inside the water.

During winter months – As summers come to an end and at the start of winter season, it’s time you begin planning for the pond maintenance much in advance so that by the time winter sets in, it becomes easier for the plants and fishes to adapt themselves according to the new changed atmosphere.

Above mentioned hints can bring a lot of respite to pond owners, given the treatment of the pond is taken well on time and with appropriate guidelines. You can also call an expert who will assist you in managing the whole pond.

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